The Boston Center for Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual abnormalities in men and women are frequently overlooked: patient are often ashamed to talk about it with his/her doctor and physicians are overwhelmed with other health issues and/or not qualified in sexual medicine. As a results patients are looking for solution outside of traditional medicine and going for help to “MALE” or “WELLNESS” clinics that are pure commercial enterprises and, typically, run not by Urologists but internists, retired surgeons, pediatricians etc.


The Boston Center for Sexual Health is run by Dr. Kotkin

 who is a board certified urologist, specialized in Sexual Medicine. His Center is designed to help patients with a wide variety conditions, compromising sexual life and normal well-being. 


  • erectile dysfunction in different stages,
  • penile deformities,
  • Peyronie disease,
  • genital pain,
  • low sexual desire,
  • ejaculatory dysfunction


  • low sexual desire,
  • difficulties being aroused,
  • troubles reaching orgasm,
  • painful sex,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • occasional urinary leakage with urgency, jump, laugh or cough,
  • lichen sclerosis.

Boston Center for Sexual Health provides the wide spectrum of services of these conditions, including traditional urological medical and surgical treatment and state of the art new technology designed to treat male and female sexual disorders.

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Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy

Corewave Therapy


It is a safe and efficient treatment of erectile dysfunction that is effective overall in about 70% of patients, could be safely repeated and carries a lot of hope for the patient with Impotence.



Urologic Consultation

Focused on sexual problems, voiding symptoms, genital pain and other relevant issues. This is very important part and it cannot be substituted.

Hormone Replacement

Men: different types of testosterone replacement, estrogen suppressing therapy when indicated.

Women: management of postmenopausal vaginal atrophy, local estrogen replacement therapy.

Medical Management of Sexual Dysfunction

Oral and injectable medications.

New therapeutic modalities (no medications/ no surgery)

In the management of sexual dysfunction, “Regenerative medicine”.

Improves erectile function in up to 70% of patients with impotence, effective in genital pain and penile numbness management.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Improves erectile function, helps with ejaculatory dysfunction.

Multifractional CO2 Laser/ Monna Lisa Laser

Management of vaginal pain and dryness without estrogens.


Multicomponent Inflatable Penile Implant – resistant cases of erectile dysfunction

Surgical correction of penile deformities caused by Peyronie’s and other disease.


Insurance Accepted


Dr. Kotkin accepts most major insurance plans, however, please call our office to verify that we still accept your insurance provider. It is also in your best interest to check your insurance plan’s provider list to be sure it permits you to be seen in our office. Please be aware that your insurance provider may require a referral letter from your primary care provider. It is the responsibility of the patient or guardian to pay any co-payments, and other charges not covered by your insurance provider.
Today, many insurance providers require pre-authorization, second surgical opinions, limitations on hospital days, etc. Please review the rules and limitations of your coverage and inform our office of any restrictions.

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